Eric Smith

Hey - my name is Eric Smith, and I play bass guitar and upright bass for the Ethan Bell Band. I’m originally from the Quad Cities, but I came to DeKalb, Illinois, for college. I got my start in music by playing saxophone, actually…then my dad told me to switch to bass so I can get more gigs. And you know what? He was right! I played saxophone for seven years, and I have been playing bass for 11 -- actually, bass guitar for 11 years and upright for nine. I’m kind of tight with our drummer Jonny, since we met at Northern Illinois University — I graduated from there with a degree in music performance. Anyway, he referred me to Ethan as a bassist. When I’m not gigging with the band, I’m usually either gigging elsewhere, teaching lessons or jamming with friends with a cold beer chilling in my hand (…get it?). If I’m for some reason not playing music, I like playing video games and just hanging out in general. You could say I’m a pretty chill guy.
Eric’s Two Cents for the Budding Musician
My advice to young musicians is to keep your ears open and to be receptive to new experiences. Try to continually listen to music you haven't heard before, and try not to get bogged down by your own biases and preconceptions.